About us

GuideBridge is a special situation fund manager supervised by the Spanish National Securities and Exchange Commission (CNMV). It was founded in Madrid, Spain in 2013 as a local operations and execution platform for the US fund TPG. Today, GuideBridge is a completely independent company owned by its partners who are dedicated to it full-time.

About us

GuideBridge Opportunities I

Fund: The GuideBridge I Fund will invest in 12-15 situations over a horizon of 4 +2 years, with a focus on adding value in situations where market asymmetries create especially attractive investment opportunities. The key decision-making criterion for the seller is not taking in cash in the short term, but rather solving a fundamental problem or the need to reconfigure an asset.



The PRI is a United Nations initiative for promoting and developing sustainability and responsible investment. Those who sign on to the PRI agree to adhere to its principles.