There is no sectoral specialisation. The fund is agnostic as to the type of assets it invests in, so long as the situation arises in favourable market settings and can be assessed based on its future cash flows or a solid collateral scheme.

Limiting risk

Objective of preserving capital. All of the funds investments will be backed by collateral or a guaranteed cash flow contract. Multiple exit strategies will be taken into account.

Capital solutions

In mature sectors, we focus on situations where a liquidity provider is needed with flexible capital.

Investment focus

Our focus is pragmatic and disciplined, based on the opportunity and our experience identifying, improving, operating and supervising. The capital we contribute may be used to fix complex situations and boost intrinsic value. We generate investment opportunities in the specific situations of an asset, company or market. Since GuideBridge is anti-cyclical, it avoids investments where value creation is based on the perception of future macroeconomic or market trends.

Hunting Grounds

GuideBridge has a relationship of trust with the main stakeholders in the market that goes back 20 years. This ensures that it can create opportunities outside the market, in the middle market.